Talk on " Tackling gender disparities in Health " on International women’s day by Dr Preetha.

https://taskforce.org/tackling-gender-disparities-in-health-qa-with-three-experts/ Any public health professional has seen gender disparities firsthand no matter what sector of public health they are in. One way I’ve seen it is when I conducted a research project on understanding the social causes of newborn deaths in a state in India. The study revealed the discrimination that female babies faced, such as families choosing not to provide or spend on care for serious health conditions for female babies versus male babies, refusal of mothers to breast feed, transitioning two-three days-old newborn girls from breast milk to other forms of milk. The findings of another research project in two Indian cities which evaluated strategies of a family planning programme also spoke about the role of gender in decision making for contraception. Women shared experiences wherein they were denied the right to choose their preferred family planning method and forced to use the methods dictated by either their husbands or even their mothers in law.

"Gender is a very important determinant of health; no area in the world perhaps is free from gender disparities. The inclusion of gender into the conversation on global health is key to solving many public health problems...

G.S. Preetha

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