• Book Alert Service: This is a monthly listing of new Textbooks, Reference Books, and Special collections like WHO Publication, World Bank Publications, Health Ministry Publications, Annual reports, Standards, MDP Reports, Institute publications, and CD-ROM which are added to the library resources. Periodical Alert Service: This is a monthly listing of the print periodicals (Subscribed as well as Complementary) received by the library.
  • Bibliographies on Demand: The staff of the library compiles bibliographies as and when demanded by the readers.
  • E-Based Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Services: The library informs its clientele regularly in their e-mail about the list of new books, journals, research articles, edited books, conference proceedings, seminars on health management studies and bibliography, and acquisition lists.
  • Document Delivery Service: Document Delivery Service refers to the supply of photocopies of research papers from journals or conference proceedings, against a request from the user either through the librarian or from the users directly. The users can send their requests either by post, E-Mail, or Fax. Based on users' requests for a photocopy of any article/articles of journals the library will charge Xeroxing and postal/courier charges.
  • Internet and E-mail Service: The library has access to an Internet facility that encompasses a broad range of services to augment education and research activity. Internet service is provided to all the faculty, staff, students & research officers of the institute.
  • Information & Reference Service: We offer reference assistance services to our subscribers and students to meet their information needs. The library provides in-person assistance at a designated information or reference desk. Providing reference help in the library is often the most effective way of getting the answer to your queries. Please do not hesitate to ask the librarian for assistance in locating materials, using the computerized catalogues and databases, or for information about library services. 
  • Remote Access: IIHMR Delhi Library provides a Remote Access Service with the federated search of most it is online resources subscribed to and purchased by the library. For obtaining the username and password of the Knimbus Remote Access platform, you are requested to visit/ contact Library.
  • External Library Membership: The IIHMR library provides the facility of external library membership to outside students, faculty members, and researchers who can become " External Members" of the Library by availing of the services of the Central Library by making an annual payment of Rs. 1,500/- and one-time security (refundable) of Rs. 3,000/-. The External Members can avail of consultation/book borrowing facilities. The External members are entitled to borrow a maximum of two books at a time for 15 days.
  • Digital Space and Digitalization Service: IIHMR Delhi Library is equipped with top-notch digitization equipment, such as a high-speed feeder-type document scanner that can process pages up to A3. The digitization section also has a top-of-the-line server for hosting digital materials including, summer training reports, dissertations/ theses, previous year question papers, in-house publications other things.  



  1. The library follows an open-access system.
  2. Books removed from the shelves should be left on the study table and no effort should be made to replace these books. Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  3. While entering the library, readers should leave their personal belongings, such as bags, briefcases, personal books, and parcels near the counter reserved for the purpose. However, they can carry loose papers and notebooks.
  4. Issued books are not allowed inside the library. Please keep the issued books on the wooden rack near the loan counter.
  5. Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine their personal belongings.
  6. Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate, or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, s/he will be charged the full replacement cost of the material.
  7. Help maintain a peaceful atmosphere for study. Conversation disturbs your neighbours who want to study. If the discussion is necessary, please go to the common areas.
  8. Readers are responsible for any damage and losing books or other items issued to them. They need to bear all costs associated with the repair/replacement of such items. If a book is lost and is out of print; then the user must pay the amount of the book plus a 20% service charge per book.
  9. Please switch off your mobile or keep it in silent/vibration mode.
  10. Spitting, smoking, napping, drinking tea, and edibles, and behaviour that may disturb other Users are strictly prohibited inside the library.


  1. Books can be borrowed against a library card issued by IIHMR Library to the borrowers.
  2. The library card is non-transferable, and its loss should be immediately reported to the library. Although the library takes all possible care against the misuse of the library card, it is the holder of the library card who is responsible for any loss to the library due to the misuse of his/her library card. A fee of Rs.150/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate card.
  3. The book may be retained for a period not exceeding 7 days. Otherwise, a 5/- rupee fine will be charged as per library rules and regulations.
  4. Books may be renewed on request at the discretion of the Librarian.
  5. The following are the borrowing entitlement for the students and other readers:
1. Faculty A 12 Books for 30 Days
2. SRO/RO/ Officers B 8 Books For 30 Days
3. Steno/Assistants/ TRO/etc C 4 Books For 10 Days
4. Students P 3 Books for 7 Days
5. Out Side Member O 2 Books for 15 Days
6. Outside Institutional Members OI 2 Books for 15 Days 



All students, of the institute, are eligible for membership. We also offer the membership to readers who are from outside the institute; and require the approval of the Director IIHMR Delhi. The registered members are issued Borrower's Bar-coded Library cum identity cards corresponding to their entitlement. All the Library membership forms are available on the library’s portal.

  • Library membership form for outside Members.    (Click for Form)
  • Books Recommendation form.                                (Click for Form)
  • Periodicals Recommendation Form.                      (Click for Form)


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