IIHMR Delhi collaborates with Reevin healthcare India Pvt Ltd for providing counselling and psychological support to students and staff. The objective is to support students and staff facing psychological problems to better cope with mental health issues and promotes individuals with healthy minds.

Activities for students includes addressing groups of students on issues which they commonly face, including personal worries personal worries, doubts or fears, lack of motivation, relationship issues, sleep problems, insecurities about work & future & after college, stress, and suicidal ideation & thoughts. In addition, individual counselling services are available once a month on campus for students, staff and faculty members.

1. Group sessions

Group sessions are organized in IIHMR Delhi for ice breaking. The facilitators engage the students discussing various issues including anxiety and fear and ways to overcome them. The sessions are held in groups of 40- 50 students. 

2. Individual sessions

A professionally trained clinical psychologist from the organization, is available for consultation one day every month for psychological counselling of individual students and staff members. Average duration of each session is 30 to 40 minutes.