The FPM programme consists of two phases.

The first phase of the programme involves course work, followed by a comprehensive course evaluation. Each research scholar will be required to undertake a comprehensive examination to get the degree on completion of the course work. The grading will be as per the approved process of AICTE. The minimum of CGPA of 6.5 on a 10-point scale or 60% is required for passing Course/ Seminar. A candidate getting less than 60% shall be given one more opportunity to repeat the Course/ Seminar. If he/ she still does not pass in the Course/ Seminar, he/ she shall be terminated from the Fellow Program.

The second phase requires scholars to work on their pre- registration seminar, pre-synopsis seminar, submission of the synopsis, Teaching Assistantship, paper publications, data collection & analysis, submission of thesis, and finally a viva examination based on the thesis.

75% attendance is mandatory for completion of each course.


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