Program Educational Objective (PEO)

The Post Graduate Program in Hospital and Health Management at IIHMR is designed to provide the graduate students with appropriate knowledge, attitude and skills to enable them to perform as effective leaders and managers in healthcare industry"

Additionally, the program seeks to fulfil the following specific objectives:

  • To understand concepts and techniques of management and their application in hospital and healthcare organizations.
  • To develop skills in diagnosing and solving management problems in healthcare.
  • To apply the management skills in planning, operationalizing and managing healthcare organizations.
  • To focus on strategic responsibilities for capacity building and human resource development for healthcare delivery.
  • To understand and apply the principles of research to identify healthcare problem and provide solutions.
  • To explore and implement new technology and innovations in health sector.

Program Outcome

Upon completion of the program the student will be able to "Function effectively as leader and/or manager in a healthcare set up". In order to achieve this, the following program outcomes have been defined:

  • Internalize the concepts of management such as healthcare delivery system, strategic planning, Human Resources, marketing, finance and operation
  • Apply knowledge of research and management techniques and functions in an integrated manner in healthcare set up
  • Use appropriate skills to support healthcare organizations to take informed decision in planning, building and managing healthcare organizations
  • Utilize learning acquired from trainings and practical exposures in real time situations
  • Utilize the technical skills of research and development for effective implementation of programs in health care sector
  • Creating relevant skills and vision for effective implementation of programs and policies in the health care sector.


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