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IIHMR-Delhi offers learning opportunities to health and management professionals at various stages of their career. We curate and tailor a learning experience that aligns with the advancements in the health and development sector. Our training programs in the domains of public health, hospital administration, healthcare information and technology (IT), research, and management have earned the reputation of being the best of the best! Unique features of our training programs are - 

Multi-disciplinary team of expert and experienced scholars 

Subject-matter experts from premium national and international institutions   

Customized training programs for entry-level as well as senior professionals  

Multiple delivery modes (in-person, virtual, or hybrid) 

Experiential, practical, and pragmatic training methodology  

Visits to labs, centers of excellence, and community health centers  

Post-training support (expert guidance, learning aids, and advanced tutorials)  

Credits and certification   

Through our management development programs we have successfully complemented capacity building efforts at the state, national, and international level. We are proud that our efforts contribute to the development of a competent and skilled healthcare workforce not only in India but globally!  

At IIHMR-Delhi, we welcome our trainees to smart classrooms, learning management portal, library (electronic and physical), as well as boarding and lodging facilities. Team IIHMR-Delhi believes that education which is experienced is the one that ignites curiosity and translates into meaningful action. Motivated by this philosophy our teaching and non-teaching staff go an extra mile to offer a fulfilling learning experience! 

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