Our research contributes to the advancement of science and technology in the domain of health and welfare. Evidence and new knowledge from our research studies have informed health and population policies, strategies, programme monitoring and evaluation. Lately, there has been an expansion in the nature and scope of research studies and projects undertaken by the Institute. The broad spectrum of research activities at IIHMR encompasses surveys, exploratory analysis of health services access, impact studies of health programmes, as well as health policy analysis at the state, central, and global level.


A distinct activity of our Institute is to offer continued advanced managerial and leadership capacity enhancement courses to young as well as seasoned health and hospital professionals. Over the years, the Institute has acquired the distinction of being an apex health leadership training institute in the country. The Institute's capacity building programme emphasizes upon strengthening the technical and managerial capacity of programme officials and researchers working at different levels in the government sector, academia, and with philanthropies/NGOs in India and in the South-Asia region.


The Institute offers several academic programmes. These include full-time regular on campus programmes, doctoral programmes, executive programmes, and certificate courses. We offer, Postgraduate Programme in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHM), two-year duration full-time programme; Fellowship in Program Management (FPM) of three-year duration; Supply Chain Management certificate course of three-months duration; Hospital Management executive course of ten-months duration; and Public Health Financial Management executive programme of one-year duration.


These educational programmes enhance the knowledge and skills of health and hospital professionals in planning and operating management techniques; diagnosing and solving management problems; and acquiring domain specific competencies to efficiently manage and maintain the quality of care at public and private hospitals and healthcare institutions in India and other developing countries.

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