Role of Women in Hospital and Healthcare Management

Ms. Divya Aggarwal, Associate Dean- Academics& Student Affairs along with Dr. Anandhi Ramachandran, Associate Professor, IIHMR Delhi were invited on the occasion of International Womens' Day to address the students and faculty of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (Delhi University) to deliver talk on "Role of Women in Hospital and Healthcare Management".


Women make up more than 50 percent of physicians in training, and 78 percent of the entire healthcare workforce! This is important for healthcare outcomes. Research shows that patients cared for by female doctors fare better than those who are treated by men. Elderly hospitalised patients were less likely to die and less likely to be re-admitted to the hospital, because female doctors are more likely to follow recommendations about prevention counselling and to order more preventive tests. Research also shows that women make 80 percent of the healthcare decisions for their families, to the extent that they are now known as “Chief Medical Officers” of their families. It has been demonstrated that engaging these women as decision makers improves health for all because they have a different definition of “health”: 79 percent see it as “physical and emotional wellbeing.”


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