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Admission Open for PGDHM Batch 2020-2022 in Hospital | Health Management | Health IT Management   7428895912

Aadhar 2019 - 11th Foundation Day of IIHMR Delhi

IIHMR Delhi is glad to share the moments filled with excitement, joy, dance, and best highlights of Aadhar 2019, while celebrating 11 years of excellence .

Campus Tour @ IIHMR Delhi |

Ever wondered how it feels like to be in one of the elite Healthcare institutes of India? Let's have a glimpse of the vibrant campus. Counselling Service welcomes you to the institute which aims at pr

IIHMR Delhi Students & Faculty |

Hope is endless when everyone is standing strong. A tribute to all the people of our country by the students and faculty of IIHMR Delhi for cheering the support, patience, and contribution for welc..

Health Management Student | Placed in Big four | Dr. Nupur Garg

IIHMR Delhi's Health Management course helps the students to frame their career desirably and witnessed in our present scholars who follow the mantra of Hard work