International Institute of Health Management Research, Delhi has an excellent and diverse faculty who can take up number of consultancies individually as well as, as a team. The Institute has the competency to take up hospital consultancy in the following areas :

•       Reviving sick hospitals

•       Materials and Equipment Management

•       Operations and System Development

•       Quality Management

•       Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

•       Patient Safety

•       Medical / Clinical Audit

•       Costing Medical Services and Cost Containment


  • To provide expertise in planning and designing of the hospital services for providing  quality medical care.
  • To provide management Consultancy to facilitate improvement in hospital performance through gap analysis of existing operations and suggesting remedial measures.
    • To maintain quality standards, operational competencies, and ensure patient safety practices in day today management
    • To optimize the use of resources through appropriate modern techniques in material and equipment management
    • To conduct medical audit and evaluation of hospital services

Scope of Work

Depending on individual organization’s need the scope of work will be conceptualized, details will be worked out and action plan formulated in consultation with individual organization. IIHMR will partner in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project as per Memorandum of Understanding with the respective organization.

Quality Assurance

The facility in the institute give prime consideration to the quality of their work. They formulate Standard Operative Procedures for a particular consultancy and adhere to it. The quality is monitored at different stages of the project and corrective actions taken accordingly. Feedback / comments / suggestions are gathered from the client and projects are modified accordingly. Before finalization of report it is shared with the stakeholders for their comments, if any.


  • A Study on Functioning of Oil India Hospital, Duliajan was carried out and report submitted for its Up-gradation of services. Follow up with the Management is still on.
  • Director General ( ESIC) has been approached to carry out a study on Cost containment in their Hospitals
  • Quality Management Cell has been constituted with External Quality Assessors from faculty. Dr. A. K. Khokhar, Professor ( Hospital Administration ) will lead the team.

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