Evaluation System:

Evaluation of a student’s performance is a continuous process. To be recommended for the award of the PGCM (Logistics and Supply Chain Management), students are required to achieve a prescribed standard in the total course work, including both internal and end term examinations. The following are the requirements for passing the examination and award of the PGCM (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) :-


Every student is expected to attend all the classes (not less than 75% in any case).


A student’s performance will be judged in the internal and the end term examinations. Each subject carries a maximum of 100 marks. The internal exam includes assignments, class participation and written exams, whereas the end-term includes written exams. To clear a subject every student has to score a minimum of 50% marks in internal and end term examinations.


Every student is required to undergo dissertation in the course and submit a report. The students are assessed on the basis of their performance in the dissertation and internship.

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