Program Educational Objective (PEO)

• To integrate principles of public health and financial management to analyze, assess, and solve complex problems in healthcare systems, ensuring the effective and efficient allocation of resources.

• To assume leadership roles in public health organizations and financial institutions, demonstrating the ability to develop and implement financial strategies that promote the delivery of effective public health services.

• To possess strong financial acumen and decision-making skills, enabling them to make informed financial choices in public health settings, with an emphasis on budgeting, financial planning, and resource optimization.

• To become advocates for public health policies, demonstrating the ability to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders to influence policies that support both public health objectives and sound financial management.

• To be proficient in utilizing data analytics and financial modeling to inform decision-making processes in public health, ensuring evidence-based strategies for resource allocation and program development.

• To be cognizant of the ethical and legal considerations in public health finance, upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability in financial management practices within the healthcare sector.


Program Outcome

• Demonstrate understanding about the principles, concepts, and theoretical foundation of public health financing.

• Show in-depth knowledge about the influence of health care financing and health policy linkages the given context.

• Apply the tools and techniques for Budgeting, Planning and Monitoring of public health financing at block/district level.

• Design and integrate financial management systems for overall public health performance system.

• Develop and interpret financial reporting system in public health.

• Display leadership competencies required for District/Block level public health finance management.



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