Role of Management in Hospitals and Health Sector

Press Release Role of Management in Hospitals and Health Sector
Dr. A. K. Khokhar, Officiating Director, IIHMR Delhi

There has been a tremendous growth in healthcare sector. Modernization and upgradation in health sector is happening with support of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, health insurance and rapid developments in other sector. Healthcare market in India is expected to reach US $372 billion by 2022. Hospital industry is expected to grow at 16-17% every year.  This is driven by rising incomes, greater health awareness, lifestyle diseases and increasing access to health insurance. We observe that the transformation in healthcare technology is unprecedented. Emergence of new epidemics and NCDs are posing a huge challenge in healthcare sector. India is planning to increase health spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2025.The world’s largest Government funded healthcare scheme, Ayushman Bharat was launched on September, 2018.

Increasing expectations of public requires engaging highly skilled professionals and state of art technology. There is need to focus towards quality of medical care and efficiency of medical services. The need to provide patient centric services requires a team approach amongst health professionals. Healthcare industry has recognized the need for healthcare management professionals to provide the much needed services.

Management professionals are essential to ensure quality services contain costs and foster a patient friendly environment in health institutions. They attend to the business side of healthcare delivery to provide the best possible medical care at an optimum cost. They determine necessary budgets, supplies, human resource plans and monitor services. They keep themselves updated about technology, standards and regulatory issues in healthcare. They are a link between patients, their relatives and the providers of services for better communication amongst stakeholders.

Healthcare/ Hospital managers address specific needs of internal stake holders to improve their efficiency. They identify areas for quality improvement in healthcare services. They are responsible for day to day operative procedures, financial management, materials equipment management, human resource development, implementation of IT solutions and ensure compliance of regulatory issues.

Health services managers may work at level of an office, a specialization, a facility or an entire healthcare network depending on their expertise.

Healthcare and Hospital management education is required to produce the much required healthcare managers. The International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Delhi, a pioneer in health management education, offers an MBA equivalent Post Graduate Diploma Program in Hospital and Health Management, which is basically a specialized education for budding graduates to establish a prospective career in the healthcare sector.

Owing to its significance and contribution in the healthcare sector, this post graduate diploma program by IIHMR has been accorded equivalence to MBA degree by the Association of Indian Universities.  The dedicated coursework from IIHMR prepares students for management roles in hospitals and other health services organizations, focusing on the concepts and techniques of modern healthcare management. For those who are interested in making a career in the healthcare management sector, IIHMR is certainly an ideal place to start off.

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