Intra College Competitions- 2023


On the joyous occasion of India's 77th Independence Day, IIHMR, Delhi organized an exhilarating intra-college competition, with the theme "Colours of Freedom." The event aimed to celebrate the spirit of independence, diversity, and patriotism among the students. The theme, "Colours of Independence," was chosen to signify the vibrant and diverse aspects of the nation's journey towards freedom.

The competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of both, first and second year, reflecting their creative prowess and commitment to the theme. The event was held in the college campus, which was beautifully adorned with tricolour decorations and patriotic motifs, creating an ambiance of national pride.

Event Highlights:

The students, faculty, and staff were dressed in shades of saffron, white, and green - the colours representing the Indian tricolour. The event's theme, "Colours of Freedom," was prominently displayed through banners and decorations throughout the venue. The following competitions were organized:

1. Rangoli Competition: The Rangoli competition kicked off with participants bringing alive the theme through intricate and colourful designs on the ground. The courtyard was adorned with stunning rangoli patterns featuring images of historical figures, national symbols, and iconic landmarks associated with India's struggle for freedom.

2. Face Painting Competition: Simultaneously, the face painting competition saw students using faces as canvases to depict their interpretation of freedom through art. The participants transformed their models into living expressions of the theme.

3. Photography Competition: The photography competition celebrated the blend of creativity and visual storytelling. Participants captured moments that resonated with the theme and the photographs vividly portrayed the essence of freedom and its various dimensions.

A panel of esteemed judges included our professors who evaluated the submissions based on creativity, relevance to the theme, technique, and overall impact. The winners were selected after much deliberation, and the results were announced on the occasion of IIHMR, Delhi’s Foundation Day event by Ms Divya Aggarwal, Associate Dean- Accreditations. The winners were given certificate of appreciation and cash prizes by the Chief Guest, Dr. Rana J Singh and our Director, Dr. Sutapa B Neogi.

The winners of the competition are:

Rangoli competition:

1st position – Dr.Shefali Kaushik, Dr.Shakshi Gupta, Ms.Shaveta Sharma, Dr. Shrdha Karan

2nd position – Dr.Godess Bhagaur, Mr.Ranjeet, Mr. Dev Parashar, Mr.Shubham

Face painting competition

1st position – Dr.Bhawna Panu and Ms.Radha Banerjee

2nd position – Dr Pooja Bhardwaj and Mr Pawan Kumar Pandey

Photography competition

1st position – Dr Shrutika Shukla

2nd position – Ms. Radha Banerjee

The event succeeded in encapsulating the essence of freedom through the various forms of art, fostering a deeper connection with the nation's history and aspirations. Event coordinator – Ms. Divya Aggarwal, Associate Dean- Admissions and Accreditations Student Representatives – Himanshi, Palak, Radha, Shefali, Nancy Chakma, Shrutika

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