International Institute of Health Management Research
Campus of Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur

e - Conference on Environmental Determinants of Infectious Diseases in India (Focus COVID-19)

December 7th – 10th, 2020


The epidemiological triad for infectious diseases including COVID-19 consists of environment, agent and host factors. There is a large body of evidence linking environmental factors such as temperature and humidity with infectious disease such as malaria, cholera and the like. However, particularly in the case of COVID-19 the impact of risk factors such as temperature, humidity and air pollution are less clear as per the global trend and need to be urgently documented. The Indoor Environment is alo of particular concern. These include workplace, school and industry settings amongst others, especially in terms of ventilation and air conditioning. The e-conference is expected to address the critical challenges that emerge when multiple disasters such as cyclones and COVID-19 co-exist. Thus the meeting is expected to bridge this gap and suggest new areas that can be explored to move the field of environment and COVID-19 forward.

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