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Welcome to the International Institute of Health Management Research,
New Delhi (IIHMR-Delhi)

About the IIHMR

Over the years IIHMR-Delhi has emerged as an institute of repute both nationally and globally for producing socially conscious, skilled and vibrant top-class health care management professionals. Our graduates are well-matched for the ever-changing health care sector and evolving social milieu. The institute has progressed as a leader in research, teaching, training, community extension programmes and policy advocacy in the field of health care. IIHMR has carved out a niche for itself through its cutting-edge curriculum, infrastructure facilities and accomplished multi-disciplinary faculty. The Institute, an autonomous international campus of IIHMR flagship institutes, has been developing leaders for several years to shape tomorrow’s healthcare by equipping the students in the fields of health, hospital and health information technology. Our top-ranked and innovative Post Graduation programmes with specialisation in Health Management, Hospital Management and Health Information Technology Management are well recognized in the country because it meets the existing demands and challenges of healthcare sector. The Institute’s dynamic health care research programmes in health management, and hospital management provides rigorous training in applied economics and management coupled with advanced training in health systems and health services research. Our faculty members engage in a broad range of management research related to health systems, economics and health policy with national and international research collaborators. Our vision is to be a global leader in health administration, research, training and consulting.

Our Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

As an institute, IIHMR-Delhi is committed to creating an environment of higher learning that can serve as the model for the kind of society it strives to build – one of equity, social justice and mutual support. We have also made a concerted effort to examine and promote the likelihood of success for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as a higher educational institution we teach and train today’s students for future decision-makers to think both critically and ethically, to learn to cope with ethical dilemmas and apply systems-thinking approaches to serious and complex societal problems. Our internationally renowned faculty lead multidisciplinary health research in multifarious areas such as public health, health services, health economics, hospital management, Social determinants of health, Mental Health and other topics.

The IIHMR is often invited by various governmental and civil society organizations to provide technical support for capacity building and policy research needs that culminates in developing innovative and equitable health care strategies and provide advocacy support for health policy and planning. The institute also responds to the global health threats, natural disasters, conflict and related humanitarian crisis. In addition to the Masters programmes, IIHMR-D also offers several highly specialized and popular Management Development Programmes (MDP) to wide range of health professional in the country and overseas which largely addresses educational needs amongst in-service aspirants.

IIHMR’s  Two-Year Post Graduate Programmes

PGDM (Hospital and Health Management)


  •  Health Management
  •  Hospital Management
  •  Health Information Technology

Advantages of Studying in IIHMR-Delhi

  • State-of-the-art architectural infrastructure, campus facilities
  • Internationally renowned multidisciplinary faculty team
  • One-Hundred Percent placement assistance in reputed organizations
  • Range of scholarship opportunities for meritorious students
  • Leading collaborations and networking with global health organizations
  • Professional affiliation of students in National/International forums
  • Centrally located campus & easy accessibility/connectivity by road/Metro
  • Numerous national and international awards won by students
  • Excellent academic curriculum for overall professional development and growth of students

With health management degrees, our graduates become health care executives in many public health and medical settings, including international health organizations, research organizations, Government and non-governmental organisations, hospitals, IT and Consulting, Insurance and other sectors. The comprehensive academic curriculum of all PG programmes integrates theory with internships in different health and hospital settings over a period of two years along with a research dissertation of publishable quality. The talented, socially conscientious and dedicated Alumni of IIHMR-Delhi are making significant contribution to health care sector in all states of India and overseas.

Start your career as a health care management professional

A health management careers cardinally serves humanity and offers excellent opportunities to those who wish to make a difference in the world. Issues in public health are complex and common to all communities at local, national and global levels; hence the demand of health care managerial professionals are rising tremendously. These programmes prepare the graduates for executive and leadership roles in respective professional fields and train them to execute high quality work and conduct policy research on diverse health issues. The courses also are skilfully designed to develop a holistic understanding of the core issues and enables practical applications of the same through internship opportunities. The specialisations would develop key competencies in specific areas of interest of the students and would enable the incumbents to grow into accomplished and multifaceted professionals.

PGDM (Hospital and Health Management)

Specialization: Hospital Management :

A comprehensively packaged course for the hospital professionals providing an in-depth understanding of the hospital operations, quality management, patient safety, management information systems, planning and legal framework. The programme has teaching of most relevant subjects and intensive internship trainings which equips students to acquire leadership positions in hospitals and allied healthcare organisations. The job profiles range from – human resources management, project planning and implementation, quality management, operations management, costing and financial management, business development in the allied sectors, health IT, health insurance in hospital sector etc.

PGDM  (Hospital and Health Management)

Specialization: Health Management:

The programme is a detailed and systematic study of the health management systems, understanding and implications of the national health programmes, planning, implementation, management. It also orients the students to macro issues relevant to health policy and programming in the country. It prepares students to take on managerial positions in the national health programmes, civil society organizations and other national and international health care organizations. They are also prepared to be competent professionals having sufficient knowledge and practical exposure in various fields such as health insurance, consulting, CSR, healthcare IT.

PGDM (Hospital and Health Management) 

Specialization:  Health Information Technology:

It is the most recent addition to the professional field in healthcare which combines health informatics with information technology that encompasses data mining and data Warehouse Bioinformatics, Clinical Information Systems, Health Insurance and Managed Care, Designing for Healthcare Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The course focuses on enabling students to use technology for allowing healthcare organizations to safely deliver services, communicate with citizens and protect data. The course aims at improvement in healthcare quality and effectiveness, increase in healthcare efficiency and increasing administrative efficiency.

Career opportunities are abundant for our students to explore connections between health care and other academic disciplines across the IIHMR campus. We offer practical and meaningful internship experiences through partnerships with governmental agencies, civil society organizations, local businesses and industry, and a global network of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our students in the IIHMR-Delhi have life-changing opportunities to BE WORTHY and MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE WORLD! Come join us!

IIHMR, New Delhi